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If you would like to book the steam room for a private event or to discuss bringing it to your music festival please contact Tony by emailing:

It is available to hire all year round however in June, July and August we are always very busy. We are based near Edinburgh, Scotland but can travel to any location in the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland. Contact us now to discuss your requirements.


For our hire price guide and general T&C’s please click here.

Corporate hire and glamping fields

The steam room is available to hire free of branding, or with your own bespoke branding applied. For a fixed fee we can supply all the kit two members of technically trained staff to instruct your own crew as well as supply everything necessary to set up the steam room at your event.

A bit about our setup, its history, and the technical specs.



The mobile steam room is purpose built and sits on a 1300kg, five meter, road legal trailer chassis. It is accompanied by an 18ft canvas and ash yurt which surrounds two sides of the trailer and provides reception and changing areas as well as the chill-out space.

Inspiration for the concept of a mobile festival-going steam room was drawn during a cold December afternoon’s visit to the Turkish Baths in Portobello where we contemplated the numerous quantity of saunas and/or sweat lodges found at festivals and the apparent lack of steam rooms – despite them both going hand in hand.

Many, many hours of thought happened and we realised that it would be possible to generate steam ‘off-grid’ and to recreate the steam room environment in the middle of a field but it would require careful and cunning design to work.

The guiding principle has been to keep it simple and utilise natural forces such as gravity and convection; so there are no pumps or motors, or things to go wrong.

At the heart of the steam room is a purpose built and highly efficient self feeding wood pellet stove and heat exchanger system which produces the steam to fill the steam room.


How it works:



The steam room operates in exactly the same way as any commercial steam room you would find at a spa resort or hotel, except the heat source is a small ‘biomass’ pellet stove, instead of an electric heating element.

Water is heated in the heat exchanger inside the stove until it boils thus producing a flow of steam. This feeds a recirculation tank and diffuser located inside the trailer. It is designed so there is no direct access to the steam outlet.

The stove sits outside the trailer, but inside the yurt so also heats the surrounding tent space. The flue exits via a register plate through the roof of the tent.

The system is open ended and gravity fed therefore it is not capable of being pressurised and is extremely safe.

The steam room itself is heavily insulated. It is heated to a maximum of 50 Celsius at 99% humidity. We monitor and vary the temperature remotely from a control panel outside the trailer.

Solar panels provide all the energy requirements for the internal and external lighting and various electronic gauges.

Water for the system is fed by hose to the header tanks, which are located on the roof of the trailer. We have a very long hose.

The trailer has its own plumbing and can either be connected to a drain/soakaway or has the option of draining into a sump and holding tank. Most of the water leaves the system as steam thus exiting into the atmosphere through roof vents; however the shower does produce clean/grey waste water. Usually, we drain into a French drain, gully or ditch.

We do not allow soap or shampoo in the steam room shower therefore the waste water is quite clean in comparison to mobile shower blocks or catering units and does not cause a pollution risk.


The space:

Mobile Sauna steam room Tepidarium festival


The steam room can comfortably seat 8 people at a time. It has a maximum throughput of about 12 people per hour. Including the vestibule where the cold shower is located, the trailer is 4m long and about 2.2m wide.

The chill out space is an important part of the steam room experience and provides a warm and relaxing environment for users to retire to between steam sessions.

It is a custom made yurt made from thick canvas and Scottish Ash. It has lots of cushions, a thick carpet and soft coloured lighting. Additionally it offers users a secluded area to change in and provides direct private access to the steam room.

The yurt is 18ft (6m) in diameter. In total, the full setup requires 8 meters frontage and 7 meters depth.




internal layout


 Inside the yurt






Health & Safety:

We follow the CIMSPA (Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity) guidelines. CIMPSA offer courses and guidance to commercial Steam room and Sauna operators.

The CIMSPA guidance covers, amongst other things: how steam affects the body, ‘at risk’ user groups such as the elderly, the young, the pregnant, diabetics, etc; the physical dangers of the steam room environment such as slip hazards, etc; cleaning schedules and temperature recording / monitoring procedures; etc.

Unlike most commercial steam rooms, our steam system is manned at all times, and to ensure safe operation all staff are highly trained in how the system operates and where the risks lie.

CIMSPA have also provided professional quality signage and posters to make users aware of the risks and to think about their health and how steam might affect them.

Our tent is made from fire proof ‘Regentex12’ canvas and most of our interior furnishings have been treated with flame retardant spray. The stove sits on a heat resistant hearth and has a guard around it to prevent accidental access.

Copies of our risk assessments and other policies and certificates are available on request.


Further Information:

Depending on your requirements, we can supply wrist bands and promotional onsite materials to operate a ‘weekend pass’ system either integrated into your ticketing system, or managed by ourselves, and we can operate either independently on a semi-commercial basis with a reduced daily hire rate to yourself, or be fully integrated into your festival program.

For more details about our setup and for booking enquiries please do not hesitate to contact us. For our hire price guide please click here.

If you haven’t done so already, watch our promotional video to get a feel for the vibe of our operation.