Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a steam room?

Its a room full of steam, just like you’d find at your local gym or hotel spa.

2. Is it a sauna?


3. What’s the difference?

Simply, dry vs wet. As the name suggests, a steam room is full of steam. It is a wet, humid environment. The walls, floor, seats, roof, etc, are tiled. The temperature inside the steam room is around 50C and water vapour hangs in the air. Conversely a sauna is dry and hot, and built from cedar or pine. Although a sauna operates at closer to 100C, the dry air does not conduct heat as much. Steam rooms are better. They dehydrate you less and cure hangovers too*.

*not actually a scientific fact, but generally does seem to help the situation.

4. How much does it cost?

Usually, £20 for a weekend wristband, which gives you unlimited  access to our facilities for the duration of the festival.

5. Should I bring anything?

Yes, we only have a limited supply of towels. If you have one of your own, please bring it. Also, bring your swimming trunks or bikini too, if you want. Please note we do not allow soap or shampoo inside the trailer. You don’t need to bring drinking water, we have an unlimited supply. Lovely herbal tea too.

6. I left my [insert item here], what happens to lost property?

We keep any items of lost property safe until the end of the festival at which point we will hang all bikinis, pants, lone towels, etc. on the nearest bit of fencing and bugger off. Items of value still unclaimed by Monday morning such as mobile phones and wallets will be handed to the festival management. Anything that can be smoked will probably disappear…

7. What do I wear?

What ever you normally go swimming in is fine. A lot of people prefer to be naked, which is also fine. Dress in which ever way makes you feel most comfortable.

8. Is it safe for children?

The Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport & Physical Activity (CIMSPA) recommend children under 12 do not use steam rooms or saunas. This is because they cannot regulate their body temperature yet and may overheat. That said, children are welcome if accompanied by their parent and stay on the lower level of the steam room, where it is cooler.

9. Can a group of us book the steam room?

If 6 or more, yes, kind of. We will tell others the steam room is full for half an hour or so.

10. What scent do you fragrance the steam with?

Normally we use Eucalyptus Globus, at a rate of 5 drops to 10 litres water, added to the steam diffuser.

11. What on earth is a Tepidarium?

Its a Latin word meaning ‘warm room’. In our case its the tent next to the steam room where you come to relax between steam sessions. There are other Latin words too. We have a changing room which is the ‘Frigidarium’ and is the coolest part; the steam room itself which is the ‘Calidarium’, and the ‘Tepidarium’ which is heated by the stove that also works the steam generator. The Romans loved this sort of stuff, as did the Turks, apparently.

In our Tepidarium, we have Thai loungers and serve herbal teas. It is very cosy and nice, particularly when the weather is bad outside.

12. This is absolutely amazing! Can I work for you? Do you need crew?

We have a lot of bookings at some pretty cool festivals from May until September. We always need friendly, chilled out (but hard working and reliable) lovely lovely people to crew with us. We can offer you a free ticket to the festival and sometimes a few quid towards your transport getting there. Get in touch if you’re interested. Preference will be given to people who can commit to more than one festival with us and you’ll be expected to contribute around 18 hours over the course of the weekend and stay until Monday morning.