This is a Turkish Steam Room, in a field.

We provide a wonderfully relaxing space and unique experience.

Upon arrival, our guests are directed to the secluded changing area from where they can climb the two steps and enter the steam room. Inside the steam room trailer there is a vestibule which contains a cold shower, and through an internal door, access to the steam chamber itself which comfortably seats nine people. The chamber is tiled with 33,000 mosaic tiles and the walls look like marble.

After several rounds of steaming and cold showering, our guests are encouraged to relax in our heated lounge which is kept warm by the same stove that produces the steam for the steam room.

Our yurt is something special. It has lots of cushions, the floor is carpeted, the lights are on low. There is eucalyptus in the air. With the door closed behind you the outside world and noise of the festival seems very far away.

We have a tea station offering complimentary herbal teas and there is plenty of drinking water. The vibe in our space is one of total relaxation. We discourage alcohol or drugs and all our teas are caffeine free.

Once you have steamed in Yorlim Y.Not’s steam room you will feel reborn, and it is an excellent hangover cure too.

Come find us, at a festival near you!


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